What up you guys and welcome to my about page!

me-012387So you want to learn more about me and what’s my story?!

Well, basically I’m just an average Joe who likes health and style, I guess you can tell just by the looks of me (hint: hair).

Anyway I’m a young guy out of a cool place called Cincinnati Ohio and I’m 24 years old.

I’m a university student and I study the science of nutrition, if all goes well I’ll be a certified nutritionist in a few years from now.

I’m currently unemployed because I’m a bit lazy and I have a cool mom & dad to help me with my tuition fees. But seriously, if you know of any good job in the Cincinnati OH area shoot me a message.

Anyway I decided to build this site to help refresh my memory about some of the stuff I learn and also keep you guys updated on everything related to topics such as of health, nutrition, training etc..

I’ve always had an un-explained connection to the world of health and from a young age I liked digging into stuff and researching about how people can get better.

I’m a very active guy in my day-to-day life and I try to practice what I preach on myself.

I like to teach other people and share my knowledge with the world about the stuff I’m passionate about.

Join me in this blog where you’ll get some cool tips and recommendations on stuff like products, supplements, programs and many more…

Drew O-Rama


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