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Believe it or not, Colorado Springs has some great lights. Denver's are pretty sweet too. As for mainline U.S Cities, New York is lacking for how glorious it gets around the holidays, and Chicago is no better.

Sandy a la Mode

these are definitely some BALLER xmas decorations!!


These are really nice. The ones in my hometown this year are SO SHIT. It's like they're trying to save money or something. The city doesn't look christmassy at all. Last year's ones in London were pretty great. You've reminded me that I never blogged about them, so it could happen this year :D


Those are pretty amazing. My favourites are the 1st, 5th and 6th pictures.

We were disappointed this year to see that our village didn't use the same vintage lights as usual (they only string them across the main street - 127 - in three spots), they were so quaint, in a good way. However, the new ones have a decidedly Whoville feeling.

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