The Jump Manual Results – How I added 12 Inches To My Vertical

jump-manualOK, I gotta let you in on a little secret, I’m an avid basketball fan. As a kid I always loved playing hoops at the neighborhood and I loved watching NBA games and legends like Michael Jordan defy gravity.

But the problem was I was terribly nonathletic and this was seriously hurting my game. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t jump high and therefore I was getting crushed by defenders whenever going for a layup or shooting the ball.

Luckily this has all changed around the age of 16 when I discovered Jacob Hiller Jump Manual program.

The jump manual is an old vertical leap training program created by coach Jacob Hiller. Although the program is old (2007), make no mistake, it’s a beast when it comes to increasing your vertical jump and some people would say it is still the best vertical jump program on the planet.

If you’ll google it you’ll find thousands of people who used this program and increased up to 25 inches on their vertical leap. Here’s just one example I found from, and there’s a ton more.

There are many more jump manual reviews like this and I myself gained 12 inches and went from a lame 20 inch vertical to a staggering 32 inch hop in just 3.5 months.

Why The Jump Manual Is So Effective?

Since the creation of program back in 2007 the creator, Jacob Hiller, has kept updating and improving his program to a level of almost perfection. Coach Hiller himself is a very experienced trainer who studied the science and physics of vertical jumping and his program relies on scientific principles and heavy research that was carefully conducted.

On top of that Hiller has a lot of experience in teaching athletes how to increase their vertical leap because he worked with NBA players and Olympic athletes and has logged more than 10 years of experience under his belt as a professional jump trainer.

And let’s not forget the power of data, by collecting feedback from thousands of athletes worldwide who went through his training, Hiller was literally able to test things and draw conclusions as what works and what doesn’t.

But that’s not all…

What’s really unique about the jump manual program and sets it apart from other programs on the market is the fact that it attacks the problem from various angles. Jacob has named this strategy the multi-facet approach and that’s the secret that helps people jump higher quickly and the reason why the manual is so successful.

vertical-jumpThe jump manual is also very versatile and it can fit to a wide spectrum of people from high-school kids to college players, and from amateur basketball players to professional athletes. The program encompasses different levels of starting points to different athletes and it even offers one on one support to help further customize the training to your personal needs.

Now we’re about to get into how this program was crafted and how it helps thrust the body vertically and challenge gravity.

How The Jump Manual Works?

Basically the program is divided into 3 different parts.

The first part is dedicated to preparing the body to what is about to come by building more muscle mass in the legs and improving your elasticity to increase your range of motion. This helps condition your body to the loads of jumping/landing and it’s a crucial part in preventing injuries.

The second part is about plyometrics and shocking your nervous system with high intensity exercises that are meant to increase your explosive capacity and generate more output from your legs. This is done at a gradual pace with protocols and routines that increase your joint strength and improve your jumping mechanics simultaneously.

high-jumpIt’s also the place to say that the jump manual comes heavily equipped with a full nutrition plan. Coach Hiller is a firm believer in the power of nutrition and its effects on an athlete’s vertical jump. Therefore, he wanted to eliminate this variable and thus he created the first jumpers nutritional guide which is an integral part of the program.

The last part of the program is conditioning the body to the new heightened explosion capacity in order to keep the inches you gained so that it won’t fade. The program is very efficient at doing this and I can attest to that. At my peak height I was jumping 32 inches high and after doing this phase my vertical is only 2 inches shorter. This means that the program has an 83% retention rate and I couldn’t come even close to it with any other program I tried in the past.

So there you have it guys, the jump manual is one of the top programs in my list and it’s my first recommendation to all the guys (and girls, if there are any on this blog) who play basketball/volleyball or whatever sports you can think of that requires you to jump high.